Funkee Veg Sauce

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New Chilli Oils

A delicious addition to all your meals. Brand new flavours as well!

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The Story of Funkee Veg Sauce

Hey Everyone! I'm Amanda, Founder of the tasty Funkee Veg Sauce here in England.

Here's My Story

I was born in the UK but moved to Africa at age six. I was born with a condition called high myopia, an extreme case of near-sightedness. I was bullied and highly disciplined by teachers a lot in school. So when my mother decided to open a restaurant in West Africa I left school because of the severe bullying and spent every day in the restaurant with my mother until the age of 17. This is where my love for cooking came from!

After coming back to the UK, I got my first job working as a catering assistant, where I had the opportunity to do something I loved, cooking of course!

This gave me more opportunities to work for high profile companies in the UK. 

After all, this led to me discovering the mass disposing of vegetables that are unusual in shape and this is where my idea for clean natural and healthy sauces originated from

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